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Re: just beginning need help - noise gates - RDL

For live aplications, nothing beats having a noise gate on each input. 

To simplify things, I'd group the drum ones becuse if you hit any one of
them it will probably set off the others as well... and if not, the
threshold would most likely be too high for when you wanted to play 

By group them, I mean a mixer. Specifically, I use RDL mixers. They make 
for just about every function you can think of, and oll of them are only as
big as two matchbooks put side by side. 


HOWEVER, I am NOT happy with their noise gate.


I could have had it wired wrong, but I doubt it. I ripped it out of my
system and haven't gotten around to putting it back in and seeing what the
problem really was though, so you might want to check it out. 

(By the way, folks, this RDL stuff is really cool, though a bit tweaky. And
Pricy. But you can make your own, customized gient circut bord and have
something quite small and high quality. They even share the same power
supply and stick together so in the end may be you have a high quality 
with noise gates, mic/line transformation and mixing, switching, bla bla
bla, customized EXACTLY to your system but all the size of a paperback book
or two. On only one or two power supplies.)

Anyway, the boss stomp box noise gate is actually good, but pricy...
especially if you don't really nead it's other main feature, which is the
ability to power 6 other boss-type pedals. If anyone knows other, better
noise gate solutions I'd love to hear them too.

On Tue, 20 Nov 2001 15:21:28 -0800, Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com

>  At 2:37 PM -0800 11/20/01, William Mcallister wrote:
>  >Can you put everything into a mixer set your levels then in to the 
>  >looping device? My main instruments I'm looping are Didgeridoo and 
>  >hand drums some electronic percussion.
>  If you have multiple sound sources that's probably the best way to do 
>  it. The thing you have to be careful of is leakage from mics that 
>  aren't currently in use. For instance, if you're playing the 
>  didgeridoo  you may need to mute the percussion mic(s) and vice versa.
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