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Yamaha MFC-10 owners read this

I've been claiming the MFC-10 MIdi Footcontroller had a serious latency 
problem for a while now. 
Recently i got Yamaha UK ( a tech guy called Dusty) to confirm this.
He basically said that Yamaha(parent co.) wouldn't be interested in this 
all, and that his job was helping folks who didn't understand their gear, 
sorting out stuff like this.
So basically Yamaha have a 0% feedback policy, or so it seems.
I was unable to find out (from Yam UK) whether or not Yamaha were aware of 
this fault, or even if a software update had occured in the life of the 

Presumably its just a matter of them programming a smaller delay, just 
enough to debounce the switches.

Any other MFC-10 owners may care to join me in getting on to Yamaha about 
this. The main point is that the MFC-10 is unsuitable for looping devices 
because of this , and that MIDI control looping devices are getting more 
popular now.

If anyone wants to phone from the UK I'll give you the number to ring
(mail me off list)

and anyone outside UK could join in too.
Mail me off list and I'll keep you up to date.

...and if they get enough complaints maybe there'll be some action.

andy butler