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Re: repeater-- reverse lead mode?

I'm not sure how the boomerang works, but the Repeater does in fact have 
a Reverse mode.  You can record in this mode, but will seem like it's 
playing forward until you go back to regular mode.  You can continue 
adding to the loop in either direction, playback of overdubs will be 
forward or reverse depending on the mode you're in, in relation to the 
mode you recorded the overdub in.  Does that make sense?


On Tuesday, November 20, 2001, at 01:11 PM, jeff snyder wrote:

> does the repeater have an easily accessible reverse lead mode (like the 
> boomerang)?  I'm still trying to decide which one to buy, between the 
> repeater, the boomerang, and the EDP...  I think EDP with a footpedal 
> falls outside of my price range, but the repeater is probably within 
> it...  how does the tap tempo feature on the new boomerang measure up?