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Re: just beginning need help

Hey Chuck, welcome.  I use two Boomerang floor mounted units to play 
guitar, bass and percussion via a Roland hand percussion controller.  I 
like the rangs because they are so basic and I have enough other things 
to think about while playing live.  I bought these before the Repeater 
came out and if I had to do it now I would look into a Repeater with 
external foot pedals.  I use one aux send of my mixer to route 
everything through the boomerangs so I can record different instruments 
without switching inputs.  

Another thing I struggle with is changing instruments, parts on the fly 
without losing my audience.  I have had to write pieces to give me time 
to switch, loop parts, change foot pedal settings and try to make it 
look seamless.  ...it's so much easier in the basement!

Mike Killian

S.U.B. quality music wrote:

> Hi everybody,
>       i know this is probably a basic question for all of you out 
> there but i am just beginning in looping and would appreciate some 
> help.  I am interested in looping several instruments live.  I would 
> play the drums, loop them and then switch to either keyboard and or 
> guitar and loop them also and then if possible provide back-up vocals 
> which i am also interested in looping.  The only thing i know now is 
> how to play these instruments.  What kind of keyboard would help me 
> with this? what machines would be best for looping? Can someone out 
> there please help me with this setup?  Any help at all would be 
> greatly appreciated.
>                                              Thanks,
>                                              Chuck
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