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Re: Repeater

I hope not, but if you do good for you!  I got my Repeater yesterday and I 
found it hard to go to bed after setting it up and playing for a few 
A Repeater and an Echoplex.... Oh My!  The fun never stops.  I need more 
time to explore the sonics!  I have an old ART X-15 pedal with crazy paint 
splatters, would that be a usable midi pedal?  Has anyone tried one of 


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That sounds like a great price- anyone on the list recieved a better price
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 > Hi All!,
 >     I just ordered a new Repeater from Sixtecycle.com for $525.00 + $8.00
 > for shipping.  I am very excited and can hardly wait to get it.  I've
 > the list since purchasing an Echoplex several months ago.  I missed
 > discussions on the smart cards and was wondering which ones work the best
 > the Repeater and where is the cheapest store to purchase one?  I just
 > received shipment of the Alesis Air FX and wow is it cool.  I will write 
 > review when I finish evaluating it but it seems like it will be a
 > addition to my arsenal.  I am curious to hear how it will work with the
 > repeater.
 > Thanks from a lurker,
 > Weg
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