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Re: ramblings on originality/goodness

>>>On a small scale, I'm fairly quick to point out to people who have had 
>no other introduction to looping, e-bow, solo bass
or whatever else I might be dabbling in at the time that I'm not the only 
person in the world using those things, and that
what I do is a mish-mash of influences, some of whom loop,

** but these are just technology issues, right? they don't really adress 
the music. do you sound like these people? if not,
what of the tech usage???? <<<

maybe it's just that tech descriptions are concrete and objective - no one 
can say 'no you're not using a DL4!' when there's
one under my feet with my bass signal going through it, but they could get 
my CD and then say 'you said you sound like Bill
Frisell - well I really like Frisell, but I thought you were crap', or 
vice versa 'why didn't you say that you didn't really
sound like Frisell, I hate his stuff, but you're the greatest musician 
I've ever had the good fortune to be in the mere
presence of!'...

Where there are obvious reference points, that's easier to handle (like if 
I was doing loads of slapping and tapping over
funk changes, Vic Wooten would perhaps be a handy reference point), but as 
I haven't really co-opted my harmonic, rhythmic
and melodic sensibilities from anyone person (it's all a bit to generic 
and simple for that... :o) it's a bit harder to

so, gear is solid, 'sound' is ephemeral would be my complete cop-out to 
the above question... :o)