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Re: Soundscapes/Frippertronics debate postscript

pbadore@rochester.rr.com writes:

>What about *interpretation*, the key issue here?  I resent your sarcasm
>represented by the asterisks, 
on the subject of interpretation --- i use asterisks in my email to merely 
*stress* a word, not for sarcasm.
i'm not a sarcastic guy.

>but I also apologize if I wasn't clear enough
>at the beginning. 
don't worry; we're just talking, & i apparently misunderstood  your 

>I assure everyone I'm not crazy or making this up when
>I say I found a few downloads on either LD (might have been CD1 but 
>deleted) or off Elephant Talk but can't recall exactly where.  Earlier
>I made a search but to no avail.  But these people labelled their work
>"Soundscapes" in relation to KC material.  Hence my comments.
is that where this started?
again --- i had no idea that this is what you were talking about 
to ---

why, but?

>let's put your original thoughts in a proper perspective.  If I said:
>"Hey you motherfuckin' asshole loopers!  You don't know shit about what
>you're doin'!  All you're doing is copying soundscapes which was invented
>the great Robert Fripp years ago after he created Frippertronics.  Copycat
>NOW I deserve every counterattack from the past couple of days!  However,
>I accept your apology; but please keep in mind you started a precedent 
if i started a precedent, that precedent was not meant as a personal 
just my thoughts & responses presented in this environment which 
the exchange of ideas.
i am indeed sorry that you perceived it otherwise;
i meant no personal harm.

>fortunately is now waning, aside from Sottilaro's continuing childishness
>which has long worn out  (even I stopped the hanky lines).  Our society
>today enjoys attacking itself and who cares if there's no real reason for
actually, there was a reason for my response, which i tried to make clear.

>I'm also sorry I wasted everyone's time, including my own.  Once I had
>gotten everything together I was hoping to put something on LD, but now
>everything's gone to waste.  Perhaps in time I'll either return or - more
>likely - find another outlet for my music.
while i'm not sure that i consider LD as an outlet for music, it is a good 
place for expressing ideas / information / thoughts, as regards looping & 
such; there are *many* threads besides this one (see the archives), and i 
think it might be the only net-place that is really loop-centric ---
sorry if you are somehow dissuaded from hanging.
dt / s-c