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Re: OT: emagic support and logic

rich@nuvisionsca.com writes:

>see if this one makes any sense.  mac g4/350, sys. 9.1, 
>logic plat 4.8.1 (or 4.7.0, or 4.7.3), motu 828.  current drivers on all.
how much ram?
how much ram assigned to logic?
midi interface? (usb, or ?)
ifya got it, which version of oms is installed?
usb-drivers on macOS9.1?
any questionable vst-stuff installed?
any cracks of emagic stuff installed?
ya trashed yer prefs (saving yer key-cmds, of course) and rebuilt yer 
ya rebuilt desktop, & zapped pram?

>asio errors:  can't process all data in time
>if i get an error or two, the fricking keyboard locks. 
exactly when do these errors occur?
>not the 
>mouse, but the keys.  so then i can't switch windows in logic, or 
>enter names, nothing.  mousing the menu allows me to get out and 
wonky usb drivers?

>i've swapped keyboards.  i've swapped drives and memory into another 
>g4/350.  this is not a hardware issue, methinks.
squirrely usb-hub?

>ah well, we'll keep workin' at it.  thanks for the connection.
use it!
dt / s-c