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blatantly copying Bob-O ... why feel guilty?

rich said:
>after this thread... now i'm really feeling guilty for my liner
>notes, where my credits of 'loops and treatments' is a direct,
>intentional cop from mr. eno. and 'bass vibrations' a direct and
>intentional cop from spacemen3.

I blatantly copy Bob, crediting myself on everything my band does to 
"Organ and
Devices". I do not feel guilty about this, because ... well ... I just 
don't. I
figure there's quite a bit of humour in someone that lugs a Hammond and two
Leslies around and calls it "small and mobile" ... that is, a soul organist
who's as influenced by Bob Fripp as Booker T Jones strikes me as kind of 

When I play a gig, they ask me if I like Jimmy Smith. I say "Nah ... that 
an asshole." Then I point out the pewter KC (Thrak tour) pin on my lapel 
... and
say "that's my favourite band." Well, I have a lot of favourites ... but 
always good to distance yourself as much from the genre you're operating 
in as

But, Bob is not the only thing I blatantly copy. Not by long shot.

I don't claim originality or creativity. I'm not here to "make a 
statement". I
do what I enjoy, and some people here in Peoria IL like what I do. I have 
with the music. I will play the most banal covers you'll ever want to hear 
the sort of stuff that prog peeps say is "lame" and Bob says is "the 
act of being a professional musician". But right after I play "Fly Like An
Eagle", I'll throw that Isaac Hayes number ("Hung Up On My Baby") with the
extended ambient loop over the top of it. But I _never_ play a song I don't

My best friend's favourite band is Shellac. His last album sounds 
_exactly_ like
Shellac with the singer from Blonde Redhead singing. He will not admit to 
"influences". I think that's kind of funny.

I guess my point is that originality and creativity are subjective and
overrated. I'm very open about my influences, I put a bunch of stuff that 
sense to me (but not to some of the people around me ... they have a hard 
seeing the direct lines between concepts) in a pot and try to balance it 
all ...
get it to sound good and harmonise. Like what Dave Torn said about 
of concept ... that's my bag. I don't innovate. And I'm not one bit 
about it.

Eric Williamson