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OT: emagic support and logic


thanks for the tip.  i'm home tonight trying to get the damn thing to 
work right.  more extension disabling (though i'm running pretty darn 
slim already), et cetera.

if that doesn't work, i will contact jeff directly.
thank you very much!


ps.  see if this one makes any sense.  mac g4/350, sys. 9.1, logic 
plat 4.8.1 (or 4.7.0, or 4.7.3), motu 828.  current drivers on all.

asio errors:  can't process all data in time

if i get an error or two, the fricking keyboard locks.  not the 
mouse, but the keys.  so then i can't switch windows in logic, or 
enter names, nothing.  mousing the menu allows me to get out and 

i've swapped keyboards.  i've swapped drives and memory into another 
g4/350.  this is not a hardware issue, methinks.

ah well, we'll keep workin' at it.  thanks for the connection.

>rich@nuvisionsca.com writes:
>>Emagic's phone support blows.  If i wanted to speak with what seems
>>like a stoned teenager, i'd call Blockbuster Video for gosh sakes.
>tried ye emailing to jeff bohnhoff?
>dt / s-c