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RE: proel volume/expression pedals

thanks, steuart.

btw, how was the gig at the angel's gate?  sorry i missed it...

wife has flu = ain't going nowhere
cut my finger pretty bad = ain't playing guitar
ASIO errors galore on the 'puter = ain't making music


personal gripe:

Emagic's phone support blows.  If i wanted to speak with what seems 
like a stoned teenager, i'd call Blockbuster Video for gosh sakes.

'uhhhh...make sure you're using the latest drivers....'
"yes, i am, and it's still happening"
'uhhhhh...turn up the buffer'
"yes, i have, and it's still happening"
'uhhhh...trash prefs file'
"yes, i have, and it's still happening"

>** maybe try the smaller roland/boss fv-60/50 thingies (the fv-50 
>comes in two different impedences however, gotta be careful).