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RE: EDP loop mode decay question

Oh God!
Thanks for pointing this out;  I didn't read the question properly, I
just saw 'loop decay' and thought of that problem we had with the
I've copied this to LD as you have explained the ideas very well and I
don't mind being made a fool of occasionally; it's good for the soul :)

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From: Kim Flint [mailto:kflint@loopers-delight.com]
Sent: 19 November 2001 17:11
To: Andy Ewen
Subject: RE: EDP loop mode decay question

actually Andy, that is normal for delay mode operation. It's like having

overdub on all the time. When overdub is on or you are in delay mode we
a slight attenuation each repetition, without which the loops would
up to where it overloaded. Putting it in "hold" stops it from decaying,
closes the input from audio being added to the delay. We do check
audio is actually present at the input. If the input signal never
the threshold during an entire pass of the loop, we do not attenuate
time. (we call this "autoundo" because it works rather like an undo
made of the attenuation that was made during that pass and later deemed 

BTW, I didn't post this to the list. (didn't want to embarrass you. :-)
might want to make a correction though, so people are not confused. 
Otherwise you may find yourself repairing every echoplex in the world...

also, I'm pretty sure when you do have the real problem with the
causing attenuation, changing the codec does not really fix it. It might

seem like it fixes it, but it will show up again later because it is
the crystals causing the codec to initialize wrong. I was fooled by that

once, in fact when I fixed Cliff's unit the first time. :-) The second
i changed the crystals and his problem went away.... Cliff's edp was the

unit where I figured out what was really happening there. Basically, the

crystal causes the codec to initialize wrong when it boots up, and the
convertor causes noise into the loop on the digital side. This fools the

software trick I described above, so our threshold is always triggered
autoundo never works, and the loop decays. The bad thing is in currently

shipping software this happens even if overdub is off, so it always 
happens. For the next version we changed it so this autoundo happens
when overdub is off, so the decay can't happen for such a case.


At 04:24 AM 11/19/2001, you wrote:
>This is not normal and we carry out a 24 hour feedback test here on
>unit to ensure that the loops do not decay over time. This problem is 
>probably related to the 16MHz crystals in your unit not being quite
>enough tolerance. We have found replacing the CRYSTAL Audio Codec chip 
>will also cure the problem.
>Where are you and how would you like to get this problem fixed?
>Andy @ Trace Elliot.
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>From: Clifford@BienAppraisers [mailto:res0koq3@verizon.net]
>Sent: 09 November 2001 19:06
>To: Loopers Delight
>Subject: EDP loop mode decay question
>I started using my EDP in delay mode a bit and it seems even at 100% 
>feedback the loop decays over time- is this normal for delay mode? I 
>wouldn't expect it to be- Thanks-
>PS- I love midi these days- DR-5>ER-1>Filter 
>Factory>Mo-Fx>M-One>EDP>JamMan>Computer - I'm only just getting started
>this setup but syncopated loops of different lengths comes to mind! :) 
>Never used midi on JM before this week-

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