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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

the lovely Mike
> I think the times when I've been the most orginal is when I've
> had no f$&*@ing clue as to what I just did.  I love that!

I think the influence of either random stuff or the times when our musical 
faculties show up to be lacking can often produce
the most extreme results, both 'good' and 'bad' (if such qualitative 
judgements have any objective basis...) - like when you
'hear' something, try to play it, f*** it up, and find something more 
desireable, or otherwise tragic (especially if it comes
whilst looping in record mode... :o)

Neer underestimate the creative power of discreet ineptitude... :o)

That random-ness is one of the reasons (aside from technophobia and 
skint-ness) that I avoided MIDI stuff for ages - my
awareness of what was possible with MIDI was to parameter led, and didn't 
inspire me to just arse about with it and see what
came out, the way I always have with a bass (now there's a credit for a CD 
'Steve Lawson - arsing about with a bass')

now, with Fruity Loops, I've found an interface that I connect with which 
allows me to do just that - turn nobs and see what
happens in the same way I do with a DL4, or my amp or whatever... :o)

group hug!