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fripp & the looping lineage

bickleypunk@pdq.net writes:
>For those that have implied that Fripp claims to have "invented" looping,
>and to those that think that Fripp labeled his approach Frippertronics
>as some sort of ego-maniacal trademark - I think you're wrong.

>Why not actually research what Fripp has said on the subject himself??
> It took me about 15 minutes to find this.

<fripp in GP, '86 snipped>
right..... i've seen that; thanks.

me: i never said that i perceived robert as having claimed the 
what *has* always struck me, though, is the apparent wide-ranging belief 
this is so..... which seems largely to be (unwittingly) disseminated by 
his fans & his disciples.
as robert is, indeed, a pedagogue --- to wit, there exists his 
'guitar craft', & his many public verbal (&clearly, pedagogic) musings --- 
also seems to me that it might 'follow' that he might have spoken, at some 
point, to that issue of organic 'revisionism', directed towards those very 
same students & disciples who are paying attention to the rest of his 
i see robert as an erudite character, & presume that he must be well aware 
both his own influence & at least *some* segment of the earlier members of 
the 'lineage of looping';
in fact, in many ways, his public persona seems to be well-focussed on 
clarifying all kindsa 'misperceptions' re: music/the business/personality, 
etc for his listeners, which begs the question:
why not the same treatment for looping?
he is, after all, both a teacher *and*, obviously, a critical node in the 
dt / s-c