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Re: original vs. good

Not to mention those of us who would...

draw a doggie,

eat the crayon.


--- "Stephen P. Goodman" <spgoodman@earthlight.net> 
> This is terribly assumptive of all people.  I
> believe that, if one gave
> everyone in the world a red crayon and told them to
> draw a house, perhaps
> 25% (if that!) would produce a drawing at all, and
> most of those would be
> attempted duplicates of what was perceived to be
> "the most popular" drawing
> of a house.  Remember back to when we were children,
> folks.
> Now, add the elements involved in having "grown up",
> and what you'd get
> would be political factions of various kinds, some
> people would claim they
> were oppressed because it was a red crayon and not
> another color, some would
> try to steal other peoples' crayons, others would
> refuse to draw a house
> altogether if they could draw at all.

John Tidwell

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