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Re: original vs. good

"Aaron Schindler" <aaron_sorghum@yahoo.com> put forth:

> I think that's exactly it! You can't NOT be original.
> If you gave everyone in the world a red crayon and
> told them to draw a house each would be unique.
> Originality seems to be an obsession ( the age we live
> in?) when it's the easiest thing in the world!
> There is nothing more unoriginal than trying to be
> original. ; )

This is terribly assumptive of all people.  I believe that, if one gave
everyone in the world a red crayon and told them to draw a house, perhaps
25% (if that!) would produce a drawing at all, and most of those would be
attempted duplicates of what was perceived to be "the most popular" drawing
of a house.  Remember back to when we were children, folks.

Now, add the elements involved in having "grown up", and what you'd get
would be political factions of various kinds, some people would claim they
were oppressed because it was a red crayon and not another color, some 
try to steal other peoples' crayons, others would refuse to draw a house
altogether if they could draw at all.

Then of course (and I couldn't resist) a few smartasses would claim some
kinship with Jimi Hendrix, having drawn after all [wince] a Red House.

Stephen Goodman
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