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Re: Soundscapes/Frippertronics debate

--- Mark Landman <landman@wco.com> wrote:
> Chris Muir wrote:
> >Let's say that Brittany Spears decides to get
> interested
> >in looping. She is orders of magnitude more
> popular, and therefore
> >would bring this technique to the public better
> than anyone to date.
> >Does that give her the right to name the technique
> after herself
> >(e.g. SpearsScapes, BritanyLoops) and not credit
> those that came
> >before her?
Actually she has the "right" to do exactly that.
Companies co-opt all the time. If someone, out of
ignorance believes that Brittany invented looping, and
through sheer laziness does not investigate and misses
out on hearing all the loopers that came before - the
loss is theirs - and no fault but their own. i.e. let
the buyer beware.


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