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Re: Soundscapes/Frippertronics debate postscript

*sigh*  Okay.

To Hedewa7:  Sorry I misspelled it.  If I don't have it right this time,
forget it.  If I have it right, forget it as well.

Chris:  You fail to combine Fripp's playing technique with the use of
looping, which is really what Frippertronics is all about.  I already 
(and you quoted me on it) that the term started out as a joke, just as I
already explained earlier that my line about Soundscapes becoming the new
fashionable term was also humorous.  My version of Soundscapes follows this
approach, and if I come up with a different term obviously no harm will 
as well.  I can just imagine what will happen:  We'll all have our own
labels for our performances, get all bent out of shape when someone calls 
something else, and keep a heavy supply of hankies by our sides.  I just
read Richard Zvonar's message and couldn't agree more.  Britney Spears (to
use your comparison) wouldn't know the first thing to do without some major
producer by her side.  Maybe I AM one of those Fripp zombies, but I think
few people would disagree here that he takes music to a completely 
and unknown level.  The bottom line is he makes it his own.  That, too, is

Finally, Rich & Jason:  If there is ever a LD t-shirt that displays "Grab a
hanky and blow" anywhere on it I am deserving of a free one.  I'm going to
have to start copyrighting my messages from now on.  I take extra large.
Please inform me of the colors again.  I, too, have an ego.  And a sense of
humor, I hope everyone has realized.

Now back to bass mimicking and other things!