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Re: Soundscapes/Frippertronics debate

Title: Re: Soundscapes/Frippertronics debate
At 6:47 PM -0500 11/17/01, Peter Badore wrote:
I also hope Soundscapes is becoming the new fashionable term as "ambient" has now lost its original meaning when Eno first conceived it.

At 10:21 AM -0800 11/18/01, Chris Muir wrote:
Perhaps the most appropriate response here is a quote:
 "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

"Ambient music" wasn't an original concept with Eno, either. He just followed through on the idea and made it famous, and in fact Eno credits Erik Satie as the inspiration for "Discreet Music."  Satie articulated the idea of what he termed "Furniture Music" (Musique d'ameublement) in 1920.

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