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RE: New Topic - Labeling music [Was Re: lawson's missive]

Ted said .  .  .

I am continually bombarded with the same question by people from
all walks of life. No doubt that it's a simple, honest question and
one that deserves at least an attempt at a straightforward answer
(simplicity not always being possible). But what do you do when you
don't have half an hour to explain all of the little nuances and
pseudo historical connections of your personal musical mythology.

I say--
The reference point most folks have is, what radio station would your music
be played on.  I am guessing that a lot of what loop based folks here do is
instrumental music, and not anything that would normally get played on the
radio.  I like to say, "popular music of the last century" when peeps ask 
what kind of music I play--but of course, the loop based improvised stuff 
brand new!
Still sounds like old shit tho .  .  .
PS  AmbiEntertainment is an elegant way to say it--can I use that, Steve?
PPS  Candy says hi