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Re: Soundscapes/Frippertronics debate finale

pbadore@rochester.rr.com writes:
>To Hedawa7 for the last time:
>1.  I refuse to capitalize your entire name in a childish effort to boost
>your ego.  The heading doesn't do so, and neither will I.
you misunderstood me;
i was trying to get ya to SPELL it correctly, is all.

>2.  > again, i understood you to mean 'all' or 'most' loopists, not just
>> arising from the legions of robert's quasi-disciples.

>You still think I'm calling every looper a soundscaper.
no, i don't.
>I don't know how
>you got started with that crap.  Please read my original message again
>carefully and with consideration this time, if you still have it on file.
i quoted you, in my last email, to show you why i misunderstood you.

> I
>was making a simple observation about a few of my fellow 
>Talk about minor ignorance!  I have to blow my nose, now.

<snips quotes of my bullshit re: synthesis vs. innovation>

>I think synthesizers are highly innovated, but everything depends on the
>player.  A car is only as good as the driver.  
i think you misunderstood me, there; i was talking about creative *people* 
either synthesizers or as innovators.

>I don't give a damn what
>media portrays, but I also don't give a damn about people who ignore
>changing times.  I was one of the latter for a ten-year period:  Nothing
>oldies rock and hard bop, and that followed a period where I had started
>taking an interest in electronic music for a short period of time.  Too
>complicated to go into, but I practically had to start all over again when
>woke up (hey, I'm not perfect, either!).  But I digress.  I still face
>a lot
>of poo-pooing about my "sudden change of character", as described by 
>people.  I like my GR-33 and other new effects, but to each one's own.
>Although I'm aware of the control few people have over it, I grow tired
>the media being blamed for everything.  For crying out loud, 2001 is 
>over!  Move on!
will do!

<snips quote of my nearly pointless story>

>Here you have my sympathy, but I've learned over the years it's useless
>try and point these things out.  We all have egos and you just gotta go
>the flow.  Did you compliment him on his chord?
probably very quietly as he walked away.....


>7.  (My quote)   >I also hope Soundscapes is becoming the new
>> >fashionable term as "ambient" has now lost its original meaning when
>> >first conceived it.

>(Yours)  > neither of the  2 terms  has any meaning for me, anymore,
>> s'just a buncha presumably organised verbal blather, bleached of meaning
>by a
>> largely numb audience painfully over-eager to define (and be enslaved
>> idioms.
> Whatever.  I was joking, y'know.

>8.  Finally, I couldn't get the damned Repeater to work!  Now I gotta go
>back tomorrow!
that's technology, for ya.....

>No hard feelings but I don't deny my bluntness,
so it goes.
dt / s-c