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Re: Soundscapes/Frippertronics debate

hey i was thinkin the same...i'm hopin to read a DT hardcover torntome at
sometime in my life-just a great way w/ words and thoughts and how they
relate to musica,specifically and generally.
ya listening dt? find a publisher if ya can :-)

on 11/17/01 8:56 PM, Tim Nelson at tnelson@metrocast.net wrote:

> That last post had a buncha prospective song titles innit, dinnit?
> '...ummm, actually'
> 'arising from the legions'
> 'grab a hanky and blow'
> 'the complexity of specifics'
> 'a misplaced analogy, methinks'
> 'elements & traces'
> 'by default': the baseline'
> 'kinda busted'
> 'blather, bleached of meaning'
> 'largely numb'
> 'enslaved by idioms'
> -t-