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::::magicicada :::: live 11-19-01 nomenclature::::

Hi again.


I know we have had our ups and downs, but I do care about you and I
would love to see you Monday night / 11:30 pm/ at the Nomenclature
Museum 44 12th Street Midtown Atlanta. Please come baby so we can work
this out. I need this---WE need this.do it for us. All I am asking for
is one chance.  Just one chance, if you do not like it you do not have
to see me again. I swear I will perform all original compositions and I
will do it with love. I will be wearing the hat you bought me for
Hanukah. So look for me.




Electroacoustic-experimental compositions
BTW I pulled some strings and got you in for free to the club---I also
convinced the club owners to cook some food for you, which will also be
free. So, you can bring all your friends.