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Re: Soundscapes/Frippertronics debate finale

To Hedawa7 for the last time:

1.  I refuse to capitalize your entire name in a childish effort to boost
your ego.  The heading doesn't do so, and neither will I.

2.  > again, i understood you to mean 'all' or 'most' loopists, not just
> arising from the legions of robert's quasi-disciples.
You still think I'm calling every looper a soundscaper.  I don't know how
you got started with that crap.  Please read my original message again
carefully and with consideration this time, if you still have it on file.  
was making a simple observation about a few of my fellow "quasi-disciples".
Talk about minor ignorance!  I have to blow my nose, now.

3.  > while idiosyncratic 'synthesis/incorporation' may well include some
> & traces of 'innovation', i generally think of the word 'innovation' as
> implying an actual genesis:birth of something 'new';
Webster's defines "innovation":  "1.  the act or process of innovating; 2.
something newly introduced; new method, custom, device, etc.; change in the
way of doing things".  Think about that last part:  "change in the way of
doing things."  My argument stands.  You can only work with what you have,
but you can take it to another level.  That's how life works.

4.  > .....seems to me that it's pretty common in the art/music world for
> visible 'synthesisers' to become regarded as innovators, due in large 
> baseline consensus realities created by mass-distributed 'secondary'
> eg advertisements, magazines, television events, et al, and agreed upon,
> some degree, 'by default': the baseline.
> (which also implies that the american concept of 'rugged individualism'
> well, kinda busted..... at least at the baseline).
> *-)
> sorry, but:
> whaddya think?
I think synthesizers are highly innovated, but everything depends on the
player.  A car is only as good as the driver.  I don't give a damn what the
media portrays, but I also don't give a damn about people who ignore
changing times.  I was one of the latter for a ten-year period:  Nothing 
oldies rock and hard bop, and that followed a period where I had started
taking an interest in electronic music for a short period of time.  Too
complicated to go into, but I practically had to start all over again when 
woke up (hey, I'm not perfect, either!).  But I digress.  I still face a 
of poo-pooing about my "sudden change of character", as described by 
people.  I like my GR-33 and other new effects, but to each one's own.
Although I'm aware of the control few people have over it, I grow tired of
the media being blamed for everything.  For crying out loud, 2001 is almost
over!  Move on!

5.  >storytime:
> some years ago, i was playing w/a -errrmmmm- 'major' artist.
> we were in rehearsal, and at one point, he was playing guitar;
> i approached him to find out the fingering/inversion of the chord that he
> playing.
> i said: 'so, what exactly are ya playing, there?'
> he seemed to slightly misinterpret my intention, and replied (nearly
> fatuously):
> 'isn't this a nice chord? i invented it, last night'.
> my rejoinder was: 'actually, it sounds like a G-Maj triad over Eb, or an
> EbMaj7, b13, contextually', but
> he turned away, non-plussed, obviously self-satisfied with his recent
> invention.
Here you have my sympathy, but I've learned over the years it's useless to
try and point these things out.  We all have egos and you just gotta go 
the flow.  Did you compliment him on his chord?

6.  > okay, then i'm making 'elecTORNica', from here on out.....

7.  (My quote)   >I also hope Soundscapes is becoming the new
> >fashionable term as "ambient" has now lost its original meaning when Eno
> >first conceived it.
(Yours)  > neither of the  2 terms  has any meaning for me, anymore,
> s'just a buncha presumably organised verbal blather, bleached of meaning
by a
> largely numb audience painfully over-eager to define (and be enslaved by)
> idioms.
 Whatever.  I was joking, y'know.

8.  Finally, I couldn't get the damned Repeater to work!  Now I gotta go
back tomorrow!

No hard feelings but I don't deny my bluntness,