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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

>My first exposure to this technique was the Pauline Oliveros piece "I 
>of IV" (1966). PO and her colleagues at the San Francisco Tape Music 
>Center were doing a lot of pieces with live tape delay systems as 
>early as 1962, and Terry was part of that scene. Tape delay as both 
>live and studio technique was well known in those circles. Otto 
>Luening's "Low Speed" used delay techiques in 1952!  This music is 
>all readily available on CD, so check it out.
>As to "soundscape," I find that the term is indeed generally credited 
>to R. Murray Schafer (The Tuning of the World, 1977), though John 
>Cage's series of Imaginary Landscapes (1939 and later) are plausible 
thanks for all that.
dt / s-c