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i find it silly attacking Robert Fripp, granted there's Lee Rinaldo, Jim O' Rourke, Vernon Reid, Thurston Moore, Glenn Branca, Bill Frissel, Fred Frith, Robert Quine, Michael Brooke, Red Snapper, Masami Tsichuya, Page Hamilton, Buckethead, Adrian Utley, Mogwai, Spiritualised,Radiohead, Phil Manzanera, Johnny Marr, Kevin Shields, Robin Guthrie or what have you, but please consider this. Fripp has done it with style and still does, it's as if he puts on an Armani Suit when it comes to guitar.
Though now and then, I miss the Baby's on Fire Scary monsters and Super Creeps, PG 3 and 4 type of Robert Fripp. I wonder where that chap went. I hope Nuovo Metal brings something like that back to whet our palettes (but not quite I do believe in evolution after all).
The same holds for Belew, considering he's a song writer and all. Now i think it's ok for the guitarrists and artists in our group to be a bit critical in order to discover what gives them an individuality and become just another KC tribute band. But anything else is as silly as putting down Marcel Duchamp.
Now I got to tell you i'm quite suprised by a certain guitarrist by the name Tim Young who's touring with David Sylvian on the E & N tour. Let's see what else comes out of that effort.