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Re: Kyma onTour

> are they going to show off your looper tools?

I don't think so, though they have a beta copy.  I've been working with 
a lot on resolving some pending issues.  Once the issues are resolved, I
hope to have a release candidate, shortly followed by an actual product

I've added several new features.  The most important are probably: 1)
reverse playback controlled by a real-time parameter; 2) variable rate
playback at *any* real number rate (again, controlled by a real-time
parameter); 3) for recording, cross-fading at loop splice point for truly
"bumpless" loops (inspired by Repeater discussion); 4) loop import/export
functions which permit exchanging loops with disk files, between DSPs on 
Capybara, or between multiple Capybaras.

I hope to add variable rate recording (at any real number rate) as well,
though that consumes a lot of DSP juice.  I think this feature will really
be cool for overdubbing.

Dennis Leas