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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

i didnt see what you are talkin about-so no idea-i was just talking about
how one of his solo albums was called "twang bar king" and boy was he-but
this show i just didnt get the euphoria i normally do w/ him(what were 
amps he was usin?) and maybe the murky sound was apart of that-i was on the
main floor,sorta in front of <fripp> and i agree they seemed to be having a
great time on stage. i have experienced this before alot-the onstage sound
is quite beautiful and spacious but when it reaches FOH some kind of
transformation takes place and sometimes,in the exteme it sounds nothing
like whats being performed,alas...

on 11/15/01 4:24 PM, Allan Hoeltje at ahoeltje@best.com wrote:

> No, no, no, I know what a whammy bar is and where it fits on a guitar! 
> This thing looked like a tuning fork (two prongs) and it was attached to 
> head stock and I did not see Adrian tweak it in any way during the 
> Maybe it is a wireless antenna?
> Stanner: is your "twang bar" a reference to the whammy bar or this thing 
> am describing?
> -Allan
> on 11/15/01 2:24 PM, David Beardsley at db@biink.com wrote:
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: Allan Hoeltje <ahoeltje@best.com>
>>>> twang bar(stickin out the back!) inverted 180 degrees from normal
>>>> (over the strings) and for me it became an affectation...
>>> What is a "Twang Bar"?  I noticed the thing - looked like a tunning 
>fork -
>>> but don't know what it's used for.
>> The wammy bar on a guitar. It changes the pitch of all the strings.