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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

>I don't know where the netherworlds are in your atlas but for me that show
>was OUT THERE!  Although too loud for my sensitive ears (which are still
>ringing in spite of wearing ear plugs) KC was nothing short of GREAT.

I was on the floor right in front NOT wearing earplugs (my last time, I've 
vowed to abolish going without protection in future...). To me the sound 
woolly, murky, everything muddled up in a bassy mess. No space for nuance. 
think it must have been my location in the Warfield because the band's 
facial expressions and obvious joy of playing did suggest they had a far 
better thing going than I was able to perceive aurally.

>Gunn's Warr Guitar lead on Deception of the Thrush nearly brought tears to
>my eyes.

I had a very similar experience the previous show in the area, opening for 
Tool in Berkeley, CA. A deeply moving solo.

I did look for people with LD T-shirts to boldly introduce myself to, but 
saw none. I think you must all have had the more expensive tickets:-)


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