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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

> or was there?? i didnt hear any but i could be wrong
> and i'll eat a bug.

I don't think there was any overt looping but Fripp did do a number of
sound-scape things in various places so I would imagine that his rack of
TC's and Eventide's (nearly wet my pants at the sight of it!) had a delay
patch or two going.  :-)

> decent show and w/ all that hardware/software
> on stage i guess i was really hoping to hear stuff from
> netherworlds,but alas it didnt happen for me :-(

I don't know where the netherworlds are in your atlas but for me that show
was OUT THERE!  Although too loud for my sensitive ears (which are still
ringing in spite of wearing ear plugs) KC was nothing short of GREAT.  Trey
Gunn's Warr Guitar lead on Deception of the Thrush nearly brought tears to
my eyes.

> i was wearin my <LD> shirt but didnt see any clones and i
> know you were there...

I had mine on but did not see anyone else.  (I was standing, down on the
floor.)  After the show I leaned over the stage to get a good look at
Fripp's rack and the Staff guy started to shoo me away.  He then noticed my
LD t-shirt and said he saw two others who had told him they were all going
to meet at the Hiatt (?).  Sorry, I did not go looking for you guys, I had
to go home for rest, recuperation, and contemplation on how in the world 
going to acquire an Eventide Orvile!  :-)

> twang bar(stickin out the back!) inverted 180 degrees from normal
> (over the strings) and for me it became an affectation...

What is a "Twang Bar"?  I noticed the thing - looked like a tunning fork -
but don't know what it's used for.