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Re: Survey: Ideal looping/live FX software situation for Mac ?

At 5:37 PM +0000 11/15/01, Os wrote:
>the price being the same, I'd guess it would come down to MAX being more
>powerful/flexible but reaktor having a nicer GUI - but I'm only guessing 
>I've never used MAX.

I've just Max but not Reaktor, and my impression is similar. That's 
not to say that you can't build a nice GUI in Max - I've certainly 
seen some.  Reaktor will probably be a much quicker program to learn, 
and it's optimized more as a synthesizer and effects processor 
construction kit. Max/MSP provides the basic DSP objects you'll need 
but will require more work, but at the same time it offers a very 
deep and flexible capability for building control structures.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202