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RE: Survey: Ideal looping/live FX software situation for Mac ?

I work live almost exclusively with a TiBook and Reaktor 3. I'm not 100%
confident with the stability of version 3 (2.3 seemed more solid), but no
major glitches in front of an audience yet. Native is supposed to have a 
patch available soon to correct a couple of problems.

Personally, I chose 
Reaktor over Max/MSP because of its friendly
interface...speaking from the point of view of someone who doesn't do any
programming. Now that I've got my feet wet in Reaktor, I probably would 
a tougher time deciding which program to go for, if I was to do it all over
again. In the end, I really think you'll be happy with either choice.

larger issue is the audio interface...I went with the MOTU 828 and love
it. The sound quality is astounding. Another more portable option is the
Digigram VXPocket...a favorite of many live Powerbook artists.


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> ?
> Thanks for the replies.
> It is so far as I had anticipated:
> Reaktor and MAX/MSP
> Not being familiar with either, and not wanting to open a can of worms
> here
> (really!), could anyone state simply what the salient differences are of
> these two applications vis-a-vis my intended use of them?
> thanks a bunch!
> eo
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> >> To anyone who'd care to share their opinions...
> >> 
> >> What is your ideal combination (or single piece) of currently 
> >> software that would run reasonably well on a recent Powerbook (G4 or
> Pismo
> >> G3) and constitute a satisfying live FX situation capable of looping
> and
> >> layered multi-effects?
> >>