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Re: EDP in Repeater FX loop?

on 11/15/01 7:59 AM, Jason Fink at jfink@cabq.gov wrote:

> No problems with my Vortex in the Repeater effect loop!
> -jas
> Albuquerque
> Scott Martin wrote:
>> Mark, hadn't you previously reported difficulty with
>> using the Vortex in the Repeater's FX loop?  I seem to
>> recall that you had trouble with the levels of the FX
>> loop being too high for the Vortex to accomodate.  If
>> you've found a fix, please share - I'm expecting my
>> Repeater to be delivered tomorrow, and I'm anxious to
>> patch the Vortex in and see what happens.
>> Thanks,
>> Scott
I probably should have posted this, but with furthur experimentation, I was
able to get the levels correct but with the Vortex input level VERY low.  I
still have to be pretty careful.  I've been wondering how using a cable 
a built in resistor might work in my situation.  Electrix recommends this 
their site, but I haven't had the time to make such a thing.  I wonder, is
there a commercial adaptor made to bring line level down to instrument
level?  Is there a sound quality issue?

Mark Sottilaro