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Re: EDP in Repeater FX loop?

>I find the Repeater (now with OS 1.1, fixing the
>synch bugs that plagued the
>initial release) to be a great looper, and the
>effects loop function IS
>AMAZING!  Simple, but so powerful.  The ability to
>place the effects before
>or after the loop is great.  As I'm playing with the
>effects set to after
>loop, my signal is dry until it's first time around. 
>I really dig dialing
>up some random patch in my Lexicon Vortex and being
>surprised at what

Mark, hadn't you previously reported difficulty with
using the Vortex in the Repeater's FX loop?  I seem to
recall that you had trouble with the levels of the FX
loop being too high for the Vortex to accomodate.  If
you've found a fix, please share - I'm expecting my
Repeater to be delivered tomorrow, and I'm anxious to
patch the Vortex in and see what happens.


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