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--Tim Nelson and crew at Sydneys--

>When: Tuesday evening, November 13th 
>Where: Sydney's, 337 Essex St., Lawrence, Massachussetts
>What: A noisy, loop-heavy multimedia thing

>       *Butch, which this time will be:
>       Butch Heilshorn: vocals (mutated and otherwise), circuit-bent
>       Dustin Ruoff: Samples, loops, film projector, et cet'ra
>       Tim Nelson: Clandestine guitar, theremin, loops, devices.

And indeed a good time was had by all at
Sydney's last evening! 

Tim Nelson and crew put on a fun set, with
great visuals (old NASA training footage?)
and lots of sonic exploration.  

I have no idea what Butch was singing about,
but Tim was stirring up some some pretty
courageous loopiness, using everything from
deeply pitch-shifted flute to Theremin,
electric guitar, samplage, etc.  Lots of
tasty treatments, Tim!  Thanks, also, for the
tour of your rig!

And somewhere there's a photo of multiple
(OK....two) LD t-shirts standing side by
side to be forwarded on as a postcard from
New England loopers.

Unfortunately i had to duck out before much
of the Pine Tree State Mind Control set at
the end of the evening.  What was that like?

-peter koniuto