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RE: rocktron midimate w/EDP

Using a foot pedal with the Echoplex Digital Pro requires that you choose
between type of controller message that the EDP sends.  I'm using note info
because sometimes I also use a MIDI guitar synth to control the EDP, but
most people probably would use Continuous control messages.
Make reference to the Control Source section of the manual.  Make sure that
the channel sent is the same as the one the EDP wants to see.  Now set the
values at the control source button--the source number.  This sets the CC
for record (let's call it X).  The next few values will be for o'dub,
multiply etc, and will be sequential (X+1, X+2, etc).
Next place to set values is the Loop Trigger button--this will set your CC
for Loop playback.  See the LoopTrig section of the manual for this stuff.
I don't own the MidiMate so I'm hoping that it can do what you want.  Good

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Subject: rocktron midimate w/EDP

I am having trouble getting my midimate to talk to my EDP can someone
enlighten me a bit. The terminology in both manuals confuse this caveman! 
I edit midi channels,controller assignments or program patches to the specs
in the EDP manual?

Thank you--Philb.