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EDP development wish 2... Mute like Undo

And an a setting where Mute acts like Undo, in terms of which parts it
mutes. Or, to put it another way, Muting "from the top."

God, would I love such a thing. Currently, I have to copy the loop and
switch between the version with the top most sound (a guitar vamp, for
example) and the version without it. 

Granted, for both this function and the one I was suggesting in the last
email, there's a problem with just exactly what gets selected, but that's
kind of a problem with Undo as it is anyway.

You just kind of have to remember what you did and get used to it. 

For example, in this Mute mode I'm suggesting, it should wait a few seconds
to give you a chance to mute more than one "packet" of sound before an
additional press of the Mute button counts as an Un-Mute. (At that point it
should group all the "packets" you've selected so as to Un-Mute all of
them... and remember these for the next press of the button to re-mute 
sounds--untill the loop is next modified. 

Just some more thoughts. For fun. 

Have a good night, all. 

Chris Darrow. San Francisco.  (Ken Cumali does not exist.)