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Why not just read the copyright agreement that's included with all 

Mark Sottilaro

On Monday, November 12, 2001, at 05:17 AM, David Kenzik wrote:

>   Montagna Milco said...
>> excellent Pandora's Toolbox by David Torn). I know that I can use them 
>> in my
>> own compositions but I've also found some interesting stuff in the
>> promotional loops for other CDs. Can I also use these in my 
>> compositions ,
>> which I distribute over the Internet?
> Possibly not (and the distribution channel is irrelevant.)
> You'd have to check with Sonic Foundry to get the final word, but they 
> are
> probably distributed as 'promotional' to get you to purchase the actual 
> CD.
> Are there any Sonic Foundry employee-lurkers here?
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