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Re: Suddenly realizes there's hardware designers here ...

>On Saturday, November 10, 2001, at 06:05 AM, Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:
>>also: recently, i saw (?in a magazine?) a guitarist who had embedded a 
>>pad into his instrument.
>When I bought the KAOSS pad, it was my intention to somehow mount it 
>on my Steinberger.  I had purchased it sight  unseen, because a 
>trusted friend had used it and recommended it highly.  Boy was I 
>wrong.  That sucker's pretty big.  Seems like it would take a lot of 
>mutilation to get it into your guitar.  I also found it better to 
>effect loops, than the output of my guitar.  Same holds true of the 
>Air FX.  It still would be cool if it could be mounted to my 
>instrument, but that would mean running audio cables back and forth 
>to my guitar, in addition to what's coming out of the Roland GK-2A. 
>A little excessive, I think.  So, for now, the Air FX sits close bye 
>on it's mic mount, and the KAOSS pad belongs to my wife.  I've had 
>worse things happen to me.
>Mark Sottilaro

I think the idea for all such constructions is to include just the 
controller into the instrument. By this you solve all problems:
- size/weight
- supply
- aditional audio cables (just needs control voltages)
But someone must find out how to take the machine apart (just wait, 
Cliff is going to send me a airFX ;-)

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