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Re: CD Mastering Conundrum (Summary)

CD Mastering Conundrum

Apologies for the post earlier with "Digest" in the title, not intended 
the list.
...and also for being Off Topic (but I think anyone else wanting to master 
long loop tracks will think it On T)   

Thanks to the numerous answers,
especially to Jim for pointing out the software I use(Nero5) can actually 
this anyway.
"Get It On CD"  ,  Wavelab , Nero5 all do this for PC
Jam for mac.

Seems that a long .wav (like a long loop performance) is best not edited 
chunks with a sound editor. Works best to let the CD burning software 
this job.
(Nero5 also does crossfades)

I reckon there's an insoluable problem in that the way the CD data is 
which is in blocks of samples. As the track has to be a whole number of 
blocks long it's not possible to hit a zero crossing at the track 
While this is OK for playing consecutive tracks there's a chance that if 
tracks are not played one after the other (just a single track, or a 
selection) there may be clicks at the beginning or end of tracks.

No one seems to know about the possible cutting off of the beginning  of 
.wav file, (I've seen it happen though)

Nevertheless problem solved and thanks to the list in general.

andy butler