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Re: Suddenly realizes there's hardware designers here ...

On Saturday, November 10, 2001, at 06:05 AM, Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:
> also: recently, i saw (?in a magazine?) a guitarist who had embedded a 
> kaoss
> pad into his instrument.
When I bought the KAOSS pad, it was my intention to somehow mount it on 
my Steinberger.  I had purchased it sight  unseen, because a trusted 
friend had used it and recommended it highly.  Boy was I wrong.  That 
sucker's pretty big.  Seems like it would take a lot of mutilation to 
get it into your guitar.  I also found it better to effect loops, than 
the output of my guitar.  Same holds true of the Air FX.  It still would 
be cool if it could be mounted to my instrument, but that would mean 
running audio cables back and forth to my guitar, in addition to what's 
coming out of the Roland GK-2A.  A little excessive, I think.  So, for 
now, the Air FX sits close bye on it's mic mount, and the KAOSS pad 
belongs to my wife.  I've had worse things happen to me.

Mark Sottilaro