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Re: Midi arpeggiating with Quasimidi Quasar - advice needed

to add to this ---
you may want to DL the repeater v1.1 sw-update, at electrixpro.com.
dt / s-c

>>But today, with the
>>EDP around, I think it would be cool to loop synth arpeggios in the EDP
>>as well as the clean guitar sound - and then play melody lines and
>>chords/arpeggio on top.
>add'l fun can be had by midi-sequencing what ya record into your repeater
>pitches, track balances & mutes, slipping, etc.
>(i've been using LAMP, for this, but looking at fast/interactive hardware
>have you tried any of these hardware units?:
>emu xl (seq/arp/sounds)
>doepfer regalwerk & schaltwerk (seq)
>frostwave (seq)
>future retro mobius (seq)