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SV: Midi arpeggiating with Quasimidi Quasar - advice needed

> per,
> >But today, with the
> >EDP around, I think it would be cool to loop synth arpeggios in the EDP
> >as well as the clean guitar sound - and then play melody lines and
> >chords/arpeggio on top.
> cool.
> add'l fun can be had by midi-sequencing what ya record into your
> repeater ---
> pitches, track balances & mutes, slipping, etc.
> best,
> dt / s-c

What a cool idea! I got an old Alesis MMT8 here. Thanks to your remark it
just crossed my mind that I can fill those 8 seq tracks up with controller
data for the Repeater and then mute/unmute them to turn the Repeater
into.... I don't know what! Got to try this :)