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Re: Suddenly realizes there's hardware designers here ...

>Has anybody made, or considered, a Kaosspad-like MIDI controller to be
>clipped onto an electric guitar where some guitars have pick guards?  Call
>it a "double whammy surface" or something like that ....
i'm not a hardware designer, nor a software designer, but,
in 1987, i had an fsr (thinner than a credit card, & a bit smaller than 
including a single, flat potentiometer all velcro'ed to the face of my gtr;
the fsr & the pot both sent cv, which was converted into midi cc's for the 
control of various parameters on outboard fx devices. (the connector was 
add'l flat ribbon-cable). built for me by a guy at telex. still have that 
thing, somewhere.....
also: recently, i saw (?in a magazine?) a guitarist who had embedded a 
pad into his instrument.
and, on my new instrument, i've left some surface-space for the 
potential/eventual inclusion of some tactex-type controls --- which are 
to control certain facets of the edp & repeater; don't really know if/when 
i'll get to this..... but the idea of *integrating* loop-ctrls into the 
of my main instrument is certainly appealing.
dt / s-c