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RE: repeater overdub

Beth, I'm not sure what you are specifically asking so here goes...  Just
make sure the overdub button is lit (for overdub mode) while you are

I also don't think there is a single button press that defines the loop
length and continues recording/overdubbing.  Basically, while in overdub
mode, you push record to create the beginning of a loop and then push 
again (or play) to end the loop.  After you have established the length of
the loop with those two button presses you can press record (a 3rd time) 
begin overdubbing indefinitely.  IMO, this is one of the drawbacks of the
unit.  It would come a lot closer to standing completely on its own (in
terms of other units) if it allowed you to go directly into overdub after
recording (with a single button press).  I'm not sure if Electrix is 
into this for a future OS or if the current hardware won't allow for this.
I have a feeling that the way the Repeater trims and adjusts the start and
end points of the loop may prevent this from becoming a reality anytime
soon.  As it is now, if you press record a second time to define the end
point of the loop and then press record *immediately* after, you get a "Not
Ready" message.  Going directly into overdub from record (in a manner
similar to the EDP) may never be possible as long as the Repeater uses 
Point Assist" for every initial loop.

At least, that's why I have gathered.  I may be wrong.  If I am, someone is
sure to let us know.


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Subject: repeater overdub

i'm just trying out my new repeater and i can't get from record to
overdub....the manual isn't very clear.  so i push record and a first loop
gets recorded..how can i get it to play back the first loop and record
another one over it...(like with the edp)...any clarification will be
appreciated...beth cohen