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Re: Max in hardware?

Thanks for answering questions and addressing comments.  The Starr Labs box
does seem really cool and feature rich.  I'm not sure if using the language
of "pads" is getting in the way of my truly embracing it.  I guess it's the
event thing as well.  I keep feeling like a purely user-event-driven
interface won't capture my needs.

Maybe it comes back to my original desire: I want to create my own MIDI
applications using a visual programming language and download them into a
small box that will run them.  Some of these will be user-event driven and
some of them won't be.  Most will be a mix of the two.  It's possible that
the Starr Labs box can do any application I'll ever think of, but it still
seems limited compared to what I'm asking for.  You've told me how some of
my desired applications could be done, but it seems a little convoluted,
assigning a volume to a pad slot with volume change events for example.  It
sounds like I'm trying to do a workaround for something very simple.

I guess I'll have to look at final version of your box to know it will be
capable of, since it's still in development.  It may be that whatever a 
uses to program your box will hide all the complexities nicely.  I'm 
open minded and hopeful.

>> Generate MIDI without an event, on it’s own (play a looping
>> pre-programmed sequence).
> what starts it?
Nothing.  The patch is loaded and the loop starts.

>> Generate MIDI notes based on a random function, synched to midi clock.
> we've done this twice by accident, once was a solder bridge at the right
> spot and once was a software mistake. In both cases the instrument could 
> left to play itself endlessly without any musical repetition but the
> semblance of order or phrasing seemed to be happening. Truly frightening.
> We all just stood and listened for a while. I left the software bug 
> but disabled in case I ever wanted to retrieve it, the auto-play mode.
I want it to run continuously once the patch loads picking notes randomly 
from a list varying their length between 8th note and whole note synched to
Midi clock, occasionally overlapping.

Again, thanks for answering my rants Harvey (and the list)!

Maybe it's time for me to get out my breadboard and re-read my digital
design books...

Unit Circle Media