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EventStation? (was: Max in hardware?)

>At 9:08 AM -0800 11/9/01, Harvey Starr wrote:
>>I might offer our EventStation as fitting this description...If you
>>want more info you can check out
>You might indeed!
>This looks like just the thing. Price?

Yeah!  That's the million dollar question.  Okay, maybe less than a
million, but this IS Kurtzweil-related stuff we're talking about here.

... and didja notice how they put that Drumbar thing on the same page as
the EventStation description, just to taunt gadgeteers?  And then there's
the MT-48DD on the same site -- if you haven't looked, DON'T!

Jeez, and I just got out of debt, too.

(Runs from the room, screaming.)
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