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Re: Max in hardware?

we haven't yet implemented the ability to send arbitrary sysex strings. We
had to drop the feature from the current rev because of budget problems at
the time. sorry. this feature may appear before the end of the year though.
Limiting sysex usage  would help us keep our memory-map in a semblance of
order. I'm thinking a limit of 8 messages at 32 bytes each. What do you
think you need in your foreseen applications? BTW, there should be a comma
between the words "sysex" and "sequence".

At 09:56 AM 11/9/01 -0800, you wrote:
>  I'm wondering about Continuous Controller mapping. Much of my work in 
>has been to remap streams of data, e.g. convert a stream of controller
>messages from a fader or pedal into a stream of system exclusive messages
>to control the parameters of a TC2290 delay. Is this supported? Your
>description isn't explicit but hints at the possibility: 
> Any type of MIDI event may be inserted into a Pad's Event buffers; Notes,
>MIDI CC, PgmChg, Sysex Sequence Control. These events may be played as a
>group from a single trigger, as a sequence, or stepped through on multiple
>hits. Many options here.
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