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RE: Max in hardware?

Hi Rich,

> >>My MTP runs solid either in stand alone mode (for live gigs) or when
> connected to my Mac with the USB cable.
>   this is my wish list to upgrade my midi interface...currently a 
> midisport 2x2 with a midiman merger box handling another couple of 
> inputs.  so this Motu MTP would function for the following things, 
> yes?
> 1.  a standard 8x8 midi interface with the midi to computer via usb.

Yes, and also a serial connector for Mac if you don't have a USB.

> 2.  remapping.  i have a rolls midiwizard.  this can be remapped, 
> which i've done for my jamman (putting all needed prog.changes on 
> pedals close by to avoid tap dancing), but i wouldn't be opposed to 
> the midiwizard just being a button pushing interface and all the 
> magic happens in the MTP.  can i push program change 5 on the midiwiz 
> and have it be, say, program change 35 out of the MTP?  simple stuff 
> like that?

If you pushed a button on the midiwiz that was programmed to send PC 5
to the MTP then that program on the MTP could send out up to 4 different
sets of PCs to different devices on different channels as well as CCs
and Sysex, all with a single MTP program selection.  The midi cannon
messages are setup so that you can even send subsequent midi/sysex
messages to the same device within the same program/patch.  For example
I use a JV1010 and in order to put it into Performance Mode or Patch
Mode I first have to send it a Sysex string to put it into the proper
mode and then follow that with the actual PC message to select the
patch/performance I want to play.  The MTP handles this with a single PC
message selecting one of 127 patches inside the MTP.

> 3.  i've been wanting to use more midi control over the electrix 
> boxes i have, plus planning for a future with a repeater.  the 
> electrix boxes seem to be wanting CC changes to turn things off and 
> on.  my midiwizard does no such thing from the buttons.  you have to 
> insert an expression pedal and assign the pedal to the cc#.  move the 
> pedal forward, it turns on, move it back, it turns off.
> yuck.  it's sluggish and unresponsive.  i just want to hit a switch 
> and have it toggle, if possible.  Could the MTP act as an 
> interface/interpreter?  Push program change 11 on the midiwiz and the 
> MTP program interprets that as CC#48 value 127?

Yes, like I mentioned above, you could send multiple CC's to multiple
devices to set everything up with a single patch change event.

> forgive any midi naivete, here...  this just seems like a very 
> interesting piece.  logic has extensive midi interpretation and 
> remapping (of which i've only scraped the surface).  i'd eventually 
> like something compact and solid for my live rig.  the esoteric midi 
> foot controllers all seem to have availability/price vs. features 
> issues that keep me undecided and frustrated.  could this MTP be a 
> suitable interface to all of my toys from a simple controller?

Yes you can set up very complex routings and setups with each one of the
127 programmables patches that are in turn called up with a single PC
message.  If you then get a more powerful foot pedal like the PMC10, you
can use the MTP patch to set up all your initial routings and CC's, etc.
with a single button and then use the pedals to turn on and off certain
functions in your gear like effects bypass, etc.  This is the ultimate

> can you trade programs/patches on a MTP?

I imagine you could but it wouldn't be entirely practical since who ever
you traded with would have to have essentially the exact same setup as
yours.  What you can do is back up the entire contents of the MTP to a
file (patches and all) and create different sets that you can restore to
the MTP for different uses, such as for the studio, or for live rig,