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Re: Max in hardware?

I was considering a Cappuccino or Espresso pc
(http://www.cappuccinopc.com/default.asp or
But if I did that I might as well use a Libretto or Picture book or some
other tiny laptop, and run either Max or Infinity or write my own (I'm a
software developer by day).  I'd end up spending a lot more money that I
wanted for such a simple task (granted, I'd have a lot more power at my
fingertips), and I'd also have to deal with maintaining an expensive 
just to do my MIDI processing.

Being around PCs and MACs all day, the last thing I want to do is depend on
one for a performance to happen.  I've seen many many people use their
laptops in performance, I would just prefer not to.  Even the least stable
piece of dedicated gear I have is more reliable than any one of the 6 PCs
and 2 macs I use day to day.

Why do people buy a Virus when they can just use the plug-in?  Why do 
use real synths at all when they can do it all on software synths?


On 11/9/01 12:09 PM, "Wolf, Bill" <bwolf@blueflameinc.com> wrote:

> Have you considered a laptop or tablet type PC?
> http://www.fujitsupc.com/www/products_pentablets.shtml

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